Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management software offers an all-inclusive suite of features and modules to support your company’s end-to-end supply chain process, including:

  • Inventory management to guarantee optimum component stock levels for production plants, finished goods to customers, and spare parts for your field service technicians, while still minimizing storage costs.
  • Order management that handles automated order entry, pricing and product configuration, and dynamic supplier scheduling to speed up your order-to-delivery cycle.
  • Procurement to streamline purchasing, sourcing, and payables across your whole supplier network.
  • Logistics that enhance how you manage warehouses and coordinate transportation channels, making sure that on-time delivery performance is dramatically improved.
  • Supply chain planning to improve operations by facilitating accurate demand forecasting, reducing manufacturing over-runs, and improving order promising.
  • Return management to accelerate goods inspection and handling, automating the claims processing with insurance companies and suppliers.
  • Incentive management to help companies easily manage vendor negotiations, incentive plans, discounts, and commissions.

Some SCM offerings also include contract management capabilities, product lifecycle management, and asset management.

Key Benefits of SCM Software: with SCM software in place, a business is better able to:

  • Effectively manage its network by overseeing activities across production plants, suppliers, and distribution and storage facilities.
  • Centralize and streamline its distribution strategy in order to eliminate logistical errors and coordination failures that often lead to delays.
  • Increase visibility and augment collaboration across its entire supply chain by distributing important information, such as forecasts, demand trend reports, transportation plans with suppliers and other partners, and inventory levels.
  • Reduce storage costs and increase cash flow through better inventory level management.
  • Improve logistics tracking in order to rectify breakdowns, problems in the supply chain, and inefficiencies before they get out of control.

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