Business Consulting Services Solutions (BCSS) combines business, analytical and data consulting to address clients’ strategic business issues in sales, marketing and innovation.

BCS identifies and develops new growth opportunities to drive client’s revenue and help optimize sales, marketing and innovation processes to drive client’s margins and efficiency.

What we offer:

  • BCSS identifies new and maximizes existing growth opportunities to drive revenue and effectiveness
  • BCSS addresses two key growth questions—where to play and how to win
  • BCSS offerings include Strategic Foresight, Optimum Growth Strategy and Strategic Innovations
  • BCSS utilizes new solution methodologies and new data sources


  • Strategic Foresight—Predictive Trends, Predictive Needs, Predictive Behaviors, Strategic Foresight and Trend Solutions
  • Optimum Growth Strategy— Category and Market Growth Forecasting, Brand Growth Optimizer, Brand Opportunity Sizing, Predictive Marketing Process
  • Strategic Innovations—Predictive Innovation


  • Strategic advisor in assisting clients accelerate their effectiveness
  • Delivering not only data and insights but optimum decisions and recommendations
  • Combining business, data and analytical expertise, thus creating scalability, significant value add for reduced price
  • Thought leader in identifying, developing and delivering new innovative solutions.

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Other details: