Project Management

Project Management:


CMMI Process Areas


Project Planning

Establishing and maintaining campaign plans for business development

Project Monitoring and Control

 Providing an understanding of the business development campaign and its progress, and allowing appropriate corrective action when performance deviates from the plan

Supplier Agreement Management

Managing partner and subcontractor agreements

Integrated Project Management

Establishing and managing the whole of business development activities and the involvement of relevant stakeholders according to an integrated end-to-end process

Risk Management

Identifying potential marketing problems before they occur, so that risk-handling activities may be planned and invoked as needed to mitigate adverse impacts on achieving objectives

Quantitative PM

Sales forecast , ROI, RFM

Qualitative PM

Total quality management (TQM)  Quality Monitoring (QM), continuous improvement

Project Management consists to provide innovative business solutions and professional services in order to help enhance business development capability and satisfy the clients needs.



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