Tele-Prospecting-Services (TPS)

Tele-Prospecting Services (TPS):

Appointment Setting Program (ASP™):

  • PRO-TMS makes sure that the appointments we set for your sales team are fully qualified opportunities.
  • If an opportunity is not yet sales-ready, we will continue to nurture those opportunities until an appointment is appropriate.

Lead Qualification Program (LQP™):

What is LQP?

  • We help you get the most value from your inquiries because our response time is faster.
  • We follow every leads automatically, and making your campaign/event ROI easier to measure.
  • We support you by your marketing inquires such as:
    • Website inquiries
    • Events (Tradeshows, Webcasts)
    • White paper/case study downloads
    • Demo downloads
    • Online referral sources
    • Inbound 800# calls
    • Live chat


  • Respond faster and more consistently to your future customers
  • Prioritize and score more sales ready leads and opportunities
  • Identify the right decision-makers in the buying process
  • Build a marketing database of opt-in leads for lead nurturing
  • Focus your sales team’s selling time on highly qualified leads

Event Promotion Program (EPP™):

We offer Event Promotion Program (EPP™) that increases attendance and ROI.


  • Increase event registrations and enhance brand financial growth
  • Improve event attendance with the right people in the right companies
  • Identifying the best regions and coverage areas
  • Generate qualified sales leads and a better nurturing database
  • Attract highly qualified participants
  • Connect with more decision makers directly
  • Decrease your cost-to-qualified attendee

Closed-Loop Feedback Program (CLFP™):

We offer Closed-Loop Feedback Program that improves business revenues and ROI.


  • Measuring effective follow-up is difficult if you have a large sales team or are selling through channels and partners.
  • We identify and locate any breakdowns between lead generation and sales, then re-engage opportunities that are still viable.
  • Closing the loop is key to measuring and maximizing ROI.

Benefits Of Tele-Prospecting Services:

Tele-prospecting adds the essential human touch to optimize your lead generation ROI

  • A continuous pipeline of qualified sales opportunities.
  • Increased knowledge of who the most viable prospects are in your market.
  • Focus on the right decision makers in each of your target organizations.
  • Improved sales team effectiveness (more targeted selling time).
  • More predictable revenue growth.


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