Lead Management Services (LMS)

Lead Management leverages the value of your leads and inquiries to generate more revenue and ROI

=> Is More For Complex Sales Process

LMS-How Do We Work With Your Leads?

  • Identify: We identify the right people in the right companies
  • Dialog:  We sstablish a memorable dialog and set the stage
  • Qualify: We ask the right questions, using SPIN and BANT.
  • Nurture: We stay engaged with relevant content and timely conversations until they're ready to convert
  • Optimize: Leverage the value of your leads and inquiries to generate more revenue and ROI


Which interaction, conversation, e-mail or event is the reason a lead becomes a sales-ready opportunity? Well, all of them.

  • It's not just the last campaign or conversation that can take credit, therefore we developed our Pro-Direct Program.
  • Prospects require a series of touches and interactions before they are ready to be handed off to sales.
  • PRO-Direct Program is an innovative multi-lead system designed specifically to support lead management and lead generation in the complex sale environment.

LMS-Inquiry Processing:

Marketing and sales professionals intuitively know that a clean, up-to-date database is one of their most valuable assets.

LMS-CRM Integration:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SugarCRM
  • Salesforce.com
  • MaximizerCRM
  • NetsuiteCRM
  • ZohoCRM
  • vTigerCRM

LMS-Inbound Call Handling:

Imagine a valuable prospect, calling your organization after months of effective nurturing on your part only to find they can't reach anyone.

LMS-Branded Micro-sites:

Web forms are an excellent way to collect inquires. They are efficient and dynamic. They can be specific to your campaign messaging and can be easily updated as requirements change.

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