Partner Telemarketing Services

Benefit from our expertise in telemarketing services. 

We offer not only our affiliate partner program (APP), also to the following:

  • Channel Partner Program
  • Telemarketing program
  • Business Development Program
  • Branding & Lead Generation

Tele-Marketing Program & Services TMPS:                                

  • Tele-prospecting Services (TPS)
    • Setting an appointment
    • Lead Qualification
    • Event Promotion
    • Closed-loop feedback
  • Lead Nurturing Services (LNS)
    • Lead re-accessing or re-engage
    • Automated E-mail Care
    • E-mail campaigns
    • Content Development
  • Lead Management Services (LMS)
    • Pro-Direct
    • Query Processing
    • CRM Integration
    • Inbound Call Handling
    • Branded Micro page

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